Evolution of Design for Glass Pipes

glass blowingGlass can be traced back thousands of years at the most primitive source, volcanoes. From there man has understood how glass was created through heat and while it is in that heated form can be formed and molded to create forms that would hold liquid, weed grinder items and eventually forms on how to be used with tobacco to smoke.

It wasn’t until the late 1800’s that these glass molders added color to create a more artistic appeal and make it more of an interest to the public. The color created many things including lamps that could be used in bringing beauty into one’s home. This was originally made popular Louis Comfort Tiffany and it is still available today.

Although they have been made for at least 100 years it seems to have exploded in the last few decades in regards to creating glass bongs or pipes. It isn’t just about the experience of smoking, but it is an art form or expression to the smoker and having the bong that is part of their personality and something they can be proud of. That is a large part of the reason why it has blossomed into a multimillion-dollar industry today.

The main types of glass pipes created today are called double bubblers, diffusers, spill-proof twists, and even ice chambers. This is an ever growing art that seems to be continuously growing in popularity through both amateurs that create their own glass pipes and professional companies too.

Glass Water Pipes for Tobacco

glass blowingGlass Water pipes are often referred to as water bongs. They are commonly used as a way of smoking your favorite tobacco. The way they work is to filter the dry tobacco by using different percolators to allow you to experience a different and unique manner of smoking. There are several different kinds of percolators that allow you to have as unique of an experience smoking as the actual bong that you are using.

A common type of water pipe is created is a downstem to filter the smoke. Another common type is a fixed joint, where the internal percolators are used and molded to create a smooth and controlled smoke.

Common sizes range from 10mm up to 18mm joint size, whether male or female. If you are interested in searching for a new bong you want to match your current sole or downstem be sure and note the size when making your purchase.